Babette’s Feast – A marvellous movie

Pain and joy are so close to each other that it seems one can not go without the other.

Babette’s Feast, a movie based on a book from Tania Blixen, is a classic. It tells the story of two old, unwed sisters, who once were young and beautiful. Their life in the mid 19th century on the rough coast of a fiord in Denmark is tight with it’s cold wind and poor food. This is the scenery for the French dinner of Babette, who escaped from the rebellion in Paris. At the house of the two sisters the small group of villagers gather for the meal in fear of sin, as they have never seen anything like this before. But the meal will enlighten their minds and revive unexpected emotions.

A moving, witty and delicious film about life, love and food.

Bon appétit!


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